Gary Kimmelman Cup – Dota 2 Vietnam eSports Tournament

Gary Kimmelman Cup – Dota 2 Vietnam eSports Tournament

I was the Project Manager for the ‘Gary Kimmelman Cup’, a Vietnamese eSports tournament in 2016. The tournament had 16 teams of 5 enter, and was featured in various media outlets worldwide. The finals was hosted at ‘Playdota Stadium’, in Hanoi, Vietnam on Sunday 29th May 2016.

The ‘Gary Kimmelman Cup’ had an overall prize of 9,000,000 VND, which in 2016 was one of the largest DOTA2 prize pools seen in Vietnam. Working alongside the Vietnamese DOTA 2 community, I created a wide range of multimedia alongside a team which included banners, videos, UI screens and more.

The finals of the tournament were also streamed live on (online video streaming service), with professional commentators from the United Kingdom DOTA videogame community.

The tournament gained great traction in the Vietnamese DOTA2 videogames community and was featured prominently on Vietnamese eSport websites, videogame groups on Facebook and more! Overall, the tournament had 16 teams of 5 enter (80 people total) gather at Playdota Stadium with team IM.911 taking home the victory against Colosseum Gaming.

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A selection of multimedia, including images and videos can be viewed below.

Introduction Video

Promotional Images

Online Presence Images

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Commentary Final – Video

The finals of the Gary Kimmelman Cup were a best of three, livestreamed on by professional DOTA2 commentators. Please find the third game of third below.