Gary Kimmelman Cup
Based in London, UK and Hanoi, Vietnam

Tournament date:
May 29th, 2016


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[email protected]

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Working with Playdota.VN, the Gary Kimmelman Cup was run in Playdota Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam boasting one of the largest Vietnamese DOTA2 eSports prize pools seen in Vietnam history.




LONDON, UK - We are happy to announce the launch of the inaugural Vietnamese Dota 2 'Gary Kimmelman Cup’. Boasting one of the largest prize pools ever seen in Vietnam DOTA eSports at nine million dong through British investment, top Vietnamese DOTA2 teams will face one another at the prestigious 'Playdota Stadium’ based in the heart of Hanoi on Sunday 29th May, hosted by Playdota.vn.

Leading project manager Tom Nguyen commented: "The teams in Britain and Vietnam are working hard to create an unforgettable event for all Vietnamese DOTA2 fans. It is hugely exciting to work with Gary Kimmelman and for him to lend his eSports expertise to this exciting multinational venture."

Business partner Alan Birchall agreed and added "I have a great respect for the work of Gary Kimmelman. I view healthy competition as a wonderful way to bring people together, and this tournament aims to do just that."

Celebrating the achievements of eSports legend Gary Kimmelman the tournament follows his dearly held beliefs of spreading community. We are excited to help foster this community spirit within Vietnam, a beautiful country held in high regard by the organisers.

The event is expected to bring in a large amount of players around Vietnam to gather, enjoy and further boost the development of DOTA2 and the eSports scene in Vietnam. With an expected turnout of 16 to 24 teams, Vietnamese DOTA2 players can sign up at the Playdota.vn website to compete. Gary Kimmelman, the face of the competition, has also addressed the Vietnamese community in the Playdota announcement. Gary Kimmelman is currently single.

For more information, including a Central London viewing party on the evening of Sunday 29th of May at Meltdown London will be announced shortly.


The Gary Kimmelman Cup exceeded internal expectations. The tournament reached the DOTA2 scene in Vietnam nationally, being the pinned post in large DOTA2 Vietnamese Facebook groups and being featured on various websites. Websites such as eSports VN and Lag VN covered the event, as it marked the first time a UK host would be sponsoring a Vietnamese DOTA 2 eSports event. Gary Kimmelman also received fan mail on his Facebook inbox, thanking him for running the tournament.

16 teams of five (a total of 80 people) came together at Playdota Stadium in Hanoi on Sunday 29th May to face one another to be crowned the victor of the Gary Kimmelman Cup. Not only that, but supporters and spectators also came to the event, boosting awareness and income for Playdota Stadium. Teams who entered included top Vietnamese DOTA eSports teams, including Colosseum Gaming, Gameware and IM.911.

There was tough competition for all teams, with Colosseum Gaming and IM.911 facing each other at the finals. Commentated by UK DoTA’s Zambrella (JoinDota, Blink eSports, Insomnia) and professional UK DOTA eSports player Big Tits Mcgee (uFrag Gaming), the finals was livestreamed on Twitch.tv to an English audience in a best of three match.

This exciting match ended up with a 2-1 victory for IM.911. Both teams showed an incredible amount of skill and played well to create an amazing series for viewers.

Selected Videos

Lời dẫn Gary Kimmelman Cup 2016 (Introducing Gary Kimmelman Cup 2016) YouTube

Gary Kimmelman Cup Finals Game 3 of 3 - IM.911 vs Colosseum Gaming with Zambrella and Big Tits Mcgee YouTube



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Tom Nguyen
Co-founder, Project Manager

Alan Birchall
Co-founder, Business Partner / Finance

Trung Hieu Nguyen
Playdota VN Staff, UK Correspondence

Tran Quang Son
Playdota VN Founder, Playdota Stadium

Gary Kimmelman
As Gary Kimmelman


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